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Folding Staircase Aluminum Brand Queen
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Folding Staircase Aluminum Brand Queen

Ladder is a construction tool that serves as a liaison between vertical fields to reach the horizontal plane. The ladder has two types: permanent and non-permanent. Permanent stairs are usually located inside buildings and used as interconnects between floors of different buildings. The folding ladder is one of the non-permanent ladders used to reach the higher horizontal plane. The folding ladder is used only at certain times so that it can be moved or stored.

The folding ladder itself is a device designed to contact two vertical levels that have spacing each other. These folding stairs are usually used by field workers in construction, electricity and telecommunication. These stairs are often used because they are easier to carry and store.

We produce our own folding ladder brand Queen and Brand Master, our production folding ladder made of aluminum with thickness above the standard folding stairs that circulate in the market today so it will be stronger and durable in its usefulness. Following some kind of folding ladder of our production:
High Aluminum Foldable Ladder 1 Meter
High Aluminum Foldable Ladder 1.5 Meters
High Aluminum Foldable Ladder 1.75 Meters
High Aluminum Foldable Ladder 2 Meters
High Aluminum Foldable Ladder 2, 25 Meters
High Aluminum Foldable Ladder 2, 50 Meters
And so on according to your order.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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